A clear understanding of the student’s strengths and needs is critical to developing and implementing effective transition plans. The purpose of transition assessment is to help Individualized Education Program (IEP) teams determine the appropriate courses of study and community/vocational experiences that the student will need to be successful in post-school goals. Whether a student is interested in pursuing postsecondary education, trade school, employment (supported included) or other activities associated with adult living, assessments will provide valuable information about the student’s abilities and deficits.


This page includes online resouces, assessments and tools to help make the transition process more meaningful to the student.  Click on the orange buttons below to access great resources!


Founded in 1965, the Georgia Student Finance Commission has become one of the most successful state student aid operations in the nation. First created to provide loans, the agency progressed to state- and lottery-funded scholarships, grants, service cancelable loan programs and providing free financial aid consultation. GSFC's mission is to ensure Georgians have an opportunity to access education beyond high school.

For more information, visit GSFC.org.

This site contains information and resources for Georgia students to learn about interests through skills inventories and assessments, explore careers, seek funding for post-secondary schooling and much more. 

Georgia Department of Education

The Georgia Department of Education's Transition Tool Box contains links to information and resources for a more meaningful transition for all students with disabilities.

Age Appropriate Transition Assessments

This site has links to many online resources and age-appropriate transition inventories.  Most can be downloaded or completed online.

Transition Hub

Appropriate, student-centered transition planning for individuals with disabilities is an essential process, especially for students at the secondary level.  Transition is a growing field and fantastic leaders are emerging to guide young adults towards a fulfilling future within an inclusive community setting.  This site serves as a central location for educators, administrators, parents, students, therapists, and other relevant individuals. It will provide links, articles, assessments, manuals and other valuable resources that relate to best-practices in the field of transition.  Transition Hub is a work in progress.  During the next year, the focus of this site will be on the transition paperwork, age-appropriate transition assessments, and customized employment.

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Transition Assessment Resources