Membership in the Alliance should be representative of the Heart of Georgia RESA district.  Anyone with a passion for seeing individuals with disabilities become successful in life can become a member. Prospective members must attend three consecutive HGTA meetings.  Click here for the calendar of events.   

Community Outreach and Awareness

To change the problems associated with transition, the public needs to be aware of the problems.  Our members welcome the opportunity to speak about transition and attend events that have positive outcomes for individuals with disabilities.  Click here to complete a request form.  

Bridging the GAP

​The HGTA encourages the sharing of knowledge and information from services and support agencies so that all may work together in order to raise the number of students with disabilities how graduate and who enter the workforce.  Click here to contribute your agency's information to our growing database of service providers.




Future Dreams

Programs for adults with more significant disabilities are limited in the Heart of Georgia area. The "Dream Farm" is an idea that has sprouted among members as an outlet for adults with disabilities to become productive members of society. This working farm will allow its employees to share their gifts, explore agriculture endeavors, market produce and have hands-on work experience.  Click here to watch a video on similar programs.  

"I Can Conference"


Numerous studies have found that students who are more involved in setting educational goals are more likely to reach their goals. The Heart of Georgia Transition Alliance will host the first annual "I Can" conference. Students with disabilities, parents, teachers, and administrators will come learn the importance of self-determination and how they can develop these skills so that they can become more involved in their educational experience.   The date of the conference is March 15, 2018.  Click on the link above to go to the conference page.  

Student Referrals

The Heart of Georgia Transition Alliance will assist local teachers of students with disabilities who are having a difficult time developing appropriate transition plans because of the unique situations and the needs of the student. We will assist in finding resources, problem-solving and suggesting activities to match the student’s needs and interest. Click on the link above to access the student referral information.  

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