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Heart of Georgia Transition Alliance Student of the Month - August 2023 - Lupe Gomez

Lupe Gomez is a senior at East Laurens High School. She maintains a GPA over 3.0, holds a job outside of school, and competes with Georgia CTI, where she won 1st place in nursing skills at the spring competition! The Heart of Georgia Transition Alliance salutes your hard work, self-determination, and great achievements!

The HGTA Student of the Month Recognition Program is designed to recognize students for their exemplary academic efforts, community service, citizenship, outstanding employee service, volunteer service, etc. If students are nominated for reasons besides academic transition achievements, they should have demonstrated at least average academic effort, good school attendance, and good discipline.

Each month during the school year, a high school student in the Heart of Georgia Region will be recognized through the HGTA. Nominations may be made by teachers, employers, administrators, parents, or by transition service organizations. To nominate a student, please complete this form and submit it by the 15th of the month. Nominations that you submit will be considered throughout the current school year.

For consideration, a Signed Media Release Form must be submitted with the nomination.

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