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Celebrating "Champion" Individuals with Disabilities

 Making a Positive Impact in the World of Work Everyday! 

At the Heart of Georgia Champions Awards Ceremony, we want to make our communities aware of the talents of individuals with disabilities by recognizing dedicated employees with disabilities and their employers.


$30.00 per person

Buffet Meal Provided


Register to attend the ceremony by clicking the link below.  

Heart of Georgia Transition Alliance Champion Awards
December 2, 2022



HGTA Champion Award



Become a Champion Sponsor

Bronze Star

$100.00 Donation 

Silver Star

$250.00 Donation

Gold Star

$500.00 Donation

By becoming a champion sponsor, you support the efforts of the Heart of Georgia Transition Alliance to help students with disabilities reach their potential and achieve their post-school and secondary goals.  The HGTA's works to eliminate the barriers to the successful transition to adulthood by bringing awareness of individual potential, developing self-determination skills, showcasing the organizations that help support students that are transitioning, and involving families and the community in transition activities.  

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