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March 29, 2023

Oconee Fall Line Technical College 

560 Pinehill Rd
Dublin, GA 31021

8:30 AM - 2:00 PM


Important Information

The Heart of Georgia Transition Alliance strongly believes in protecting student privacy.  Under FERPA, student data can include student names, grade levels, present schools, and student photos and likenesses.  For this reason, a signed media release must accompany a student's registration to the I CAN Conference. 

You Will Be Required to Upload the Media Release Form When Registering the Student.  To download a copy of the media release form, click on the link below.  

The I CAN Conference provides information and support to students with disabilities in the Heart of Georgia Region involved in transitioning from high school to post-secondary options.  10th - 12th-grade students will have the opportunity to tour the Oconee Fall Line Technical College, talk to college and career counselors, explore different career fields, learn about interview and banking skills, and learn the importance of self-determination in developing an I CAN attitude! 


Lauren Bruce 


Lauren's Love 'Em & Leave 'Em

Lauren Bruce is a self-employed entrepreneur and owner of Lauren's Love 'Em & Leave 'Em. Her experiences and participation in ASPIRE led her on a journey to independence. Lauren's rise to success includes her ability to brand and market her own business and knowing what does and doesn't work. Her Can Do talk will inspire students to never give up on their dreams!

Lauren Bruce.JPG

scroll for breakout session titles and other important information 

Break Out Sessions

Interview Adventures

GVRA's fun and interactive session will show students what to do in an interview and what to avoid.  

Nutrition and Excercise

Jessica Johnson with Destiny fitness will discuss the how students can make great decisions in making in food choices and daily excercise.




Fit Couple

OFTC College Tour A

Cosmetology and Early Childhood


Career Exploration 

This career fair breakout session will give students to talk with employers from different career fields.  From construction and agriculture to cosmetology and nursing, this session will give students time to explore different career fields. 

Smiling Groomer

Banking and Finance 

Financial literacy is a crucial life skill.  Heather Mead with the Bank of Soperton will provide hands on explanation of great banking skills, budgeting and money management. 

Calculate Savings

OFTC College Tour B

Welding and Diesel/CTD


Technology that Helps!

Need to improve your academics,
independence and ability to manage your overall daily lives? There's a technology for
that! This session will focus on the newest and greatest technology.

Electronic Devices

The 7 Dimensions of Well Being 

Wellness is more than just eating
healthy and exercising. In this
session students will learn about the
7 dimensions of wellness and how
they influence each other

Local Business Partners

College Ready?

What does is take to be successful at college? Representatives from OFTC, Roosevelt Warm
Springs, Central Georgia Technical College and other post-secondary institutions will be on
hand to discuss financial aid, admissions, and
disability services

College Students
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